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Tango Mangalore - Comandante Macabro 12"

11 EUR
Format: 12" vinyl
Colour: Black
Label: Dark Liquid Records
Year: 2015

After 2 CDr releases and a tape cassette released by a Perubian label,it's about time for his debut LP release "Comandante Macabro". Tango Mangalore is a one man project that was a created some nautical miles away from the shores of Zanzibar aboard some vessel in the winter of 2013.The music reflects the very life of a morbid sailor(while actually the songwriter is one!)
in a rather peculiar mixture of darkwave,deathrock,wave-noir & decadent cabaret.A loosely based synthesizer music of a spooky,
funny,dramatic,mutant,theatrical and often self sarcastic atmosphere.

Released in 300 copies of 12" vinyl, includes inner with lyrics.